Welcome to the new & expanded edition of the JDALTPOL Forum Spammer Blacklist

(unless youíre one of the little pricks who made it onto the list, in which case kindly piss off!)

The list was originally started around 2005/2006 after a plague of fake/spam sign-up from @Cashette.com + @gawab.com e-mail addresses, some of which were bouncier than a Bra-less Pamela Anderson on a trapoline. Subsequent spam messages suggest these were to harvest e-mail addresses from the board, judging by results to a couple of slightly obvious profiles I created myself for ďbaitĒ. Further details can be gathered by reading the blog articles at Spamhuntress.com (external site belonging to someone else).

I created this new & expanded version of the page into this website (complete with itís own sub-domain) on 21st November 2007 because the original page was seeming to get quite popular (gets one of the largest number of hits per week/month than most my other pages put together), yet I havenít been able to update the damn thing since December 2006 due to the original PC I built it on (running Windows Ď98 SE) self-destructed from old age, and itís replacement Iím building this site on now (running Windows XP Home) didnít like the Netscape composer 4.x software I started building/editing the page on.... nor did it seem to like the HoTMetL Pro 4.0 software I also had on a magazine coverdisk for building/editing simplier pages than I can with the Netobjects Fusion MX software Iím doing this expanded edition of the list on (it also didnít like some of my favourite games, like TOCA Touring car or STAR TREK: Star Fleet Command III either, but thatís another story).

Page 1 of this site will contain the original list, all subsequent pages will contain newly busted trouble makers.

DISCLAIMER: The owner of this website shall not be held responsible should you end up getting the crap kicked out of you as a result of doing something that results in you ending up on the blacklist, as itís not my fault that youíre an annoying little shit intent on buggering up other peopleís websites, and causing fellow website owners to get VERY pissed off about it.